Hampton Pool Trust is a small independent not for profit company and educational charity run by volunteers. Our vision is to maintain Hampton Pool as a safe, welcoming, enjoyable, sustainable and inspirational heated, open air swimming environment, all year round. Hampton Pool was saved from closure by members of the local community over 30 years ago. As a local social enterprise HPT exists to secure the future of the valuable local asset of Hampton Pool with its individual character and intimate charm for community use.

Hampton Pool Trust members are passionate about the facility and how it is run and aim to make Hampton Pool an inspiration for the popularity of sustainable, open air swimming, and good management of a local community facility.

Would you like to see improvements to the pool buildings?

If you would like to know more about Hampton Pool Trust’s development plans, the answers to some frequently asked questions and the opportunity to join the Trust, please go to the development area of this website.

In 1996 Hampton Pool Trust achieved full planning permission for a 2.3 m project to rebuild and extend the facilities at Hampton Pool to give over half the building to a large gym and to build a fitness studio adjacent to the deep end. Unfortunately, the project was turned down by the Lottery as open air pools were excluded from lottery funding on the basis that they were not open all year round.

Despite being prevented from executing the grand plan, in 2004 - 2006 the Trust used what resources they could pull together from reserves, grants and soft loans to reline the tank, refresh changing rooms and create a small fitness studio. These improvements helped to ensure the survival of Hampton Pool as a community asset. In 2007 the Trust entered into a management agreement with the YMCA to provide more professional management of the facility to protect Hampton Pool for the foreseeable future. Both investments prove worthwhile and since 2006 Hampton Pool has gone from strength to strength, numbers using the pool have increased to 255,253 in 2014.

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Hampton Pool is a not for profit company and is about to embark on the biggest phase of improvements since being saved by the community from closure 30 years ago. The Summer Picnic Concerts help raise a great deal of money that contributes to safeguarding its future. However, the planned improvements will require raising a lot more and we are looking for financial contributions from significant donor and funder organisations.

The London Marathon Charity Trust could offer us a grant if we meet their criteria. We need to prove to them all the benefits this facility offers to the local (and wider reaching) community. Your support of Hampton Pool Trust's application by sharing your passion for the pool by filling in the short questionnaire at the link here is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Mark James
Hampton Pool Chair

99.9% of people surveyed in a recent pool about customer experience of Hampton Pool said that they would recommend Hampton Pool to a friend and 22% said that Hampton Pool was perfect. This was a great message for Hampton Pool trust which has recently celebrated 30 years of growing success since saving the pool from closure in 1985. The survey was also a great response to the management of Hampton Pool by our management contractor YMCA LSW and to all Hampton Pool staff who work so hard on your behalf.

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