The Board recognises the engagement of our members and their interest in Board decision making. We have been considering the ways in which we communicate with members and other stakeholders, recognising that our Trust webpages need review and redevelopment and that working documents such as minutes give limited explanation or context, especially as commercial, financial and personal data cannot be shared.

The reconstituted Communication and Outreach Committee is taking a fresh look at how we communicate about the work of Hampton Pool Trust Board, how we keep our members informed and how we seek feedback. This will involve a review of our various communication channels based on discussion with members and stakeholders. We are launching a communication survey and events series to explore ways forward with input from our members and stakeholders.

While we collect this data and agree next steps, we will be communicating with members using email updates from the Chair and Committees, via Poolside Chat and the main Pool website. The Trust web pages will be used primarily for news items and announcements.

Jane Savidge
Company Secretary
Hampton Pool Trust

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