The short answer

Running a charity can be complex and trustees need to be up to date on the operating environment for their charity. This may involve wider networking, taking up training opportunities, or reading the relevant newsletters or specialist trade papers.

In more detail

Collaboration: Trustees should find out what work is being done by similar organisations working in the same area. In some cases they can do this by joining an umbrella association co-ordinating work in a particular field.

Trustees should try to collaborate with other charities and avoid duplicating their efforts. We suggest they also work with local authorities and other statutory bodies which provide services that are similar or complementary to the charity’s own.

NCVO’s Collaborative Working Unit provides support and advice on all forms of collaborative working, from joint projects to full mergers. You can find detailed information about working with other charities in our guidance Collaborative Working and Mergers: An introduction (CC34) and our research report Collaborative Working and Mergers (RS4).

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