In 2011 the Board published its strategic vision for the pool which identified three strategic themes: enhanced facilities and programmes, excellence in customer service and governance, inspirational sustainability.

Taking into account the HPT strategic vision published in 2011 and the views expressed by members, customers and the wider community through two public open forums and an electronic survey in 2013 , the Board has decided on a plan that will incorporate all the benefits sought by customers, staff and members – improved gym, fitness studio, reception, café facilities, staff facilities, changing facilities, car park, social access. These improvements   would be delivered through an envelope of development which would be located at the west end of the site to minimize reduction in the car park. It was agreed that every effort should be made to minimise the disruption of the pool's facilities and day to day running and that disruption would be minimised if a new build was undertaken first. The additional space created by a new build would facilitate the remodelling, repurposing and extension of the existing building with the minimum of disruption. The aim is to fund the development  of the entire envelope or if this is not possible to identify discrete chunks that can be funded sequentially.

Inspirational sustainability is at the heart of HPT’s vision for the future of Hampton Pool and so renewable energy is a key element of the development plan. The board propose that geothermal with underground pipe or bore hole technologies should be considered as the main source of energy. Combined Solar Voltaic and Solar Thermal Heating panels should also be considered and incorporated where appropriate.  The Board is also committed to ensuring that any new car park surface should be environmentally sound  and both wheelchair and bicycle friendly and that all new build materials should minimise embedded carbon.

The current building plan is to start with the new build at the west end to create a larger gym and studio with additional locker space. This would provide space for socially inclusive gym equipment and generate higher revenues. The existing studio could become a multi-function space – spin cycle studio, meeting room, courses room, club room. The existing gym could be repurposed as a multi-functional space, children’s activity area, change area, staff area.  

The new build will  join and extend past the existing main building to the proposed new northern building line. The purposing of this space is subject to professional footfall and flow analysis. As an example it could provide: reception - new, larger, with shop - new, larger, plus offices and storage. The knock on effect of this would be to free the existing reception area for redevelopment.

The third element of the building pan is to extend, refurbish and repurpose the west end of the main building to extend towards the car park from current reception, to redesign and extend the café, to add a lift, to complete and repurpose the centre of the ground floor to provide revised, larger male and female changing rooms, more and improved toilet facilities, new, larger staff room, Spa and  storage.

The next stages in the process are to produce and approve revised drawings and to get budgetary costing. The Board will review and confirm direction and decide on funding options. This could mean agreeing a new management contract. The Board also need to renew the licence with the Royal Parks and gain their approval and get planning permission from LBRuT. The aim is to select an architect by 1st April 2014 on basis of an outline concept of the full scheme. With the design and funding for Stage 1 in place we should be able to move towards commencing build in November 2014.

Whilst progress is being made on the building plans it is proposed to implement relatively low cost improvements to our catering facilities. At the east end by the learner pool the kiosk is to become  a coffee shop with tables and chairs. Shelter is to be provided with big, robust umbrellas. The Sun Deck Café is to be enhanced by creating a covered seating area, maybe with a fairly substantial gazebo with removable walls. The Trust will explore using the existing blind at full extension but always with supports, as designed, or a new supporting frame to provide more cover.



SPC 2013

The acts for our 2013 concerts has been announced

• The Carpenters Story
• Show of Hands
• The Zombies
• Midge Ure and band
• Nearly Dan and The Illegal Eagles

If you want to book early then please go straight to our ticket ordering page here on the Hampton Pool website.

Read about our successful 2012 season here, also on the Hampton Pool website

Image of Milly Dowler

The Hampton Pool Trust has learnt that it is to receive a share of the £1m donated to charities in the memory of Milly Dowler. The donation is part of a settlement agreement between the Dowler family and News International.

The Hampton Pool Trust is extremely grateful to the Dowler family, who are users of the open-air pool, for choosing it as one of the beneficiaries of this donation.

Read more: £100,000 donation in memory of Milly Dowler

Thanks to the money raised from Emily Morris's sponsored swim of the treacherous Cook Straits in New Zealand last year, Hampton Pool now has a mechanical chair hoist.This will allow access to the pool for customers with walking difficulties.

If you need to use the chair hoist please speak to a member of staff.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Emily Morris, our special needs swimming instructor, who swam the Cook Strait in New Zealand to raise money to pay for the hoist.

The short answer

Running a charity can be complex and trustees need to be up to date on the operating environment for their charity. This may involve wider networking, taking up training opportunities, or reading the relevant newsletters or specialist trade papers.

In more detail

Collaboration: Trustees should find out what work is being done by similar organisations working in the same area. In some cases they can do this by joining an umbrella association co-ordinating work in a particular field.

Read more: What else do trustees need to think about?

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