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Hampton Pool Trust is working to update the facilities by making long-overdue improvements to the main building, improving changing areas for families, putting in a covered seating by the café, putting in place improved gym and studio spaces and improving disabled access across throughout.

Hampton Pool is enjoyed by over six thousand people who regularly swim, exercise, attend classes and many thousands more who enjoy the concerts. However, most users will admit that the building could do with some improvements to protect its special character for everyone and give it a viable future. Hampton Pool Trust has been working on these plans for over six years with regular consultation with stakeholders. The funding for the first phase of improvements is in place and the planning application is with Richmond council.

There are however a tiny minority of people (under 100) who have objected to the updating of the building as they feel Hampton Pool does not need to evolve and be updated. They have objected to the planning application so the Trust’s Board, made up of volunteers and regular pool users, needs your support if you want to see the building updated and evolving to meet the needs of our community – now and for the future.

Please act now – join Hampton Pool Trust today

There are no joining fees or subscription charges to be a member of the Trust. You can vote to support positive change to Hampton Pool and have your say in the future of this cherished community gem once you are a member! Please download this application form, fill it in and drop it off at the Pool’s reception or post to Mark Doyle, Chair of Hampton Pool Trust, Hampton Pool, High Street, Hampton TW12 2ST. Please read on if you would like a brief introduction to the proposal.

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The Trust’s plans

Hampton Pool Trust is planning to make long-overdue improvements to the main building and extend facilities into the area of land behind the deep end. This will at last provide a fully accessible and inclusive facility, with new family changing rooms and showers, a Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant gym and a more flexible use of space for classes and training courses.

It will also provide access by lift to more covered seating on the sun deck for those who enjoy using the café in any weather throughout the year. The Sun Deck Café will also benefit from improvements including first floor toilets. Furthermore, new filtering and heating equipment will create additional space and be more energy efficient.

Current progress

The Trust’s plans have been in development for over six years and adapted after considerable consultation with many user groups. The pool’s main building has been struggling to meet the demands of an increase in users and the facilities needed for the staff. After all, it was built in the 1960s when the pool was only open for the summer months. The plans, that have been drawn up by award-winning architects appointed by the Trust, are currently in for planning approval at Richmond Council.

What’s not to like?

Change is not always welcome. There are some members of the community that have objected to the plans so Hampton Pool Trust would like to take this opportunity to clarify a number of issues raised:

The plans are widely supported

The public’s response was overwhelmingly positive to the exhibition of the development plans in July 2016. The Royal Parks (Hampton Pool is built on Bushy Park land) and other major stakeholders are in favour of the development.

The aim is to improve transport issues

To minimise any increase in traffic movement and offsite parking there will be additional secure bike racks and a resurfaced and redesigned car park to improve use of space. An independent Transport Report said that around 150 to 250 more site users per day are anticipated. This increase will be spread throughout the 16-hour day, therefore associated vehicle movements will not create a significant impact.

Minimal pool closure during the build

Once the plans are approved, the build will take approximately 12 months. The underlying objective of the development is to minimise any closure ofthe pool to swimming during that period.

Hampton Pool will continue to serve the whole community

There are absolutely no plans to turn the facility into a ‘private members club’ or a huge leisure centre. The underpinning financial plan shows that the development will protect users from an otherwise significant increase to the price of swimming and other uses of the facility, as without the development, maintaining the ageing buildings and plant will drive up costs and potentially lead to closure.

The plans are phased to limit undue financial risk

The well-publicised three phases of development will only be undertaken as and when appropriate funding is in place.

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