Board of Trustees

The Trust has a board of volunteer honorary directors/trustees drawn from the local community who are also the trustees under charity law. These people constitute the board of management who have overall responsibility for the policy and proper direction of the Company.

The day to day administration of the Trust is carried out by professionally qualified staff from the leisure industry. Since 1 April, 2007, Hampton Pool has been managed by YMCA London South West on behalf of Hampton Pool Trust. Hampton Pool has grown enormously as a business, and the task of managing on a day-to-day basis is beyond the capabilities of the voluntary board of trustees. The YMCA are also a charity organisation – and also of great importance – have a wealth of experience in the leisure industry, running gyms, cafes and sports facilities. The board of Hampton Pool has entered a management agreement with the YMCA. This is not a takeover but a successful partnership that has resulted in ongoing improvements to the facilities.

The Trust does not have shareholders in the normal way but has members who have guaranteed an amount of £25 should the company fail. These members have the right to elect directors at the Annual General Meeting and vote on all matters relating to the Trust. Membership of the company is open to anyone who has the best interests of Hampton Pool at heart and is subject to the approval of the board.

Hampton Heated Open Air Pool is the trading name of Hampton Pool Trust, a registered charity (294117) and a not for profit company limited by guarantee (1870925).

New directors are welcomed and needed and if you are interested in joining the board please contact any member of the board or alternatively contact the manager at the pool who will arrange for one of the board to contact you.

Mark Doyle – Chair

Fergal Cawley – Finance director
Tim Lawes – Concerts Producer
Ralph Arundell
Andy Cowper

Sandra Cummings

Grahame Hadden
Will Hollis
Steve Hooley
Jean Hughes

Stuart Leamy

Jane Savidge
Daphne Wharton
Michael White

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