Hampton Pool is unique. It is the only open air pool in the country to be open 365 days a year, providing swimming opportunities in heated water and associated activities (gym, fitness classes) for all comers. Its location on the edge of Bushy Park and the views from the Sun Deck Café add to its appeal, making it a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The world class acts that make up our Summer Picnic Concerts are enjoyed by ever increasing numbers in the month of July while Christmas Day generally sees over 1,000 customers visiting Hampton Pool for a celebratory swim. Hampton Pool caters for all the family’s needs and accommodates schools, triathletes, water polo players, the Poolside Swim and BBQ Club and a host of recreational users with ease, welcoming everyone equally. Here at Hampton Pool we believe we offer a great location, friendly staff, fabulous open air facilities and above all, excellent customer satisfaction.

Given the demands of running a swimming pool and community facility alongside the challenge of making an operational profit, in 2005 the Hampton Pool Trust (HPT) entered into a ten year Management Agreement with YMCA London South West (YMCA LSW). The affiliation with the YMCA LSW offered HPT and the users of the facilities the reassurance that it would be working with a partner whose community vision and values were in harmony with its own. Whilst the formal structure is one of contractor and contractee, the vision of both parties is to create a partnership approach to the work at the pool. Both HPT and YMCA LSW are fully committed to ensuring that Hampton Pool retains its uniqueness, strong community presence whilst ensuring it continues to grow and develop as a facility. This is a management agreement built on trust and a shared commitment to see the community benefit through the delivery of a high quality resource.

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