HPT Company Vision

Hampton Pool – a safe, welcoming, enjoyable, sustainable and inspirational heated, open air swimming environment, all year round.


To secure the future of open air swimming at Hampton Pool by enhancing the facilities and programmes for swimming and other activities that promote healthy life styles and well being. At the same time make Hampton Pool an inspiration for the popularity of sustainable, open air swimming, and good management of a local community facility.


Hampton Pool is a non-profit making organisation run for the benefit of the local community. The objectives of the Board are as follows:

  • To provide recreational open air swimming in heated water for the widest possible age and ability groups
  • To provide open-air swim training facilities for those groups who require such facilities
  • To provide high quality swim teaching facilities for groups and individuals and promote water safety
  • To provide suitable additional sport and recreational facilities to complement swimming and to promote healthy lifestyles for all.
  • To provide high levels of safety and cleanliness throughout the facility.
  • To ensure that the pool operates on a viable basis. This means operating on a not for profit basis, whilst making prudent provision for the unexpected and for the future financial stability of the organisation.
  • To ensure a viable programme of capital replacement and improvement
  • To pursue fundraising and funding opportunities.
  • To maintain good relations with stakeholders and significant pool users groups
  • To maintain contingency and emergency action plans
  • To ensure the effective management of archival material


  • The Trustees are responsible for developing and delivering the long term strategy for the survival of Hampton Pool.
  • The Trustees are responsible for agreeing, monitoring and evaluating the delivery of the Business Plan with YMCA LSW.
  • The YMCA LSW is responsible for producing and delivering the Business Plan


  • HPT Members
  • YMCA London South West
  • LBRUT Royal Parks (Government Agency)
  • Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity
  • Thames Water
  • Poolside Swim & BBQ Club
  • Thames Turbo
  • Water Polo Club
  • Hampton Great Whites
  • Early Birds
  • Schools and Youth groups
  • Primary Health Care Trusts

Brief Background to Stakeholder groups:

  • YMCA London South West – Manage Hampton Pool on behalf of HPT under the terms of the Management Agreement 2007.
  • London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames (LBRUT) Council – Service level agreement, grants, music licence and other issues.
  • Government (Royal Parks Agency) – The licence to occupy the site.
  • Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity – Grants and loans.
  • Thames Water – Use and disposal of water.
  • Poolside Swim & BBQ Club – The Club was formed when the Pool was re-opened in 1985. Membership is open to those who have a genuine interest in the future of the pool as a community facility and are prepared to undertake voluntary work. As well as generating income through membership, another important focus of the Club is fundraising; this has been viewed through the years as a continuing fundamental need. In particular, when the Pool approaches other bodies for monies to secure extra facilities/necessary maintenance – it needs to demonstrate that the Pool is prepared to help itself.
  • Thames Turbo – is a successful triathlon club based at Hampton Pool. In the Autumn of 2006 HPT and Thames Turbo agreed a document Working Together which outlines the ‘spirit of the agreement’. This identified that both organisations recognise that the relationship is mutually beneficial both operationally and financially. Working Together sets out a five year strategy.
  • Water Polo Club – A club providing water polo games and training in water polo skills that runs on a Sunday afternoon after the public swimming session.
  • Hampton Great Whites – Hampton Pool competitive swimming club.
  • Early Birds – the name formerly given to early morning weekday swimmers who swim from 6am to 9am.
  • School and youth groups – use Hampton Pool for swimming galas in the summer, swim time and recreational swimming.
  • Primary Health Care Trusts – promote healthy lifestyles and prescription exercise.

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